24 03 2011

Wow, some of those stats about childhood obesity are pretty sobering. After reading Chloe’s post on my first day back from a business trip where I had been pretty sedentary and ate pretty poorly (Chicago style pizza, Doubletree cookies, and fried ravioli- yikes!), I was definitely craving of some gym time and some healthy eats.

So, I headed to the gym for a spin class.  Spinning is one of my favorite ways to get a kick-butt workout at the gym. And that I did. The instructor started us off with 3 sprints in the first working song and the room was also like 80 degrees, so I definitely satisfied my craving for a good sweat session:-) I’ll spare you the pics because I was one hot mess.

I was also craving some veggies and, oddly, I wanted steak too. Some times a gal just needs a good steak ok? I think my body was telling me it needed some protein.

My solution: Steph’s Steakhouse Salad!

Start by caramelizing some onions:

Sauteé some mushrooms:

Fry some bacon:

Throw some steak on the grill(pan):

Since reading Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, I make sure to buy grass- fed beef to the extent possible. According to Whole Food’s Animal Welfare Rating Standards, this particular brand received a 4: “Pasture Centered: When living outdoors, chickens get to forage, pigs get to wallow and cattle get to roam.” Roaming cattle + grass diet = better tasting beef.

Top your greens (I used Earthbound Farm’s Fresh Herb Salad) with the onions, mushrooms, crumbled bacon, pear slices, crushed pecans, and blue cheese. Slice steak and place it on top. Dress it with your favorite dressing:-) Enjoy!

Hit. The. Spot.

This was one satisfying salad.

Question of the day: What food have you been craving lately?





2 responses

24 03 2011

I almost always crave pizza. Not the heavy, greasy kind. More like the thin crust, crispy, and oozy on top pizza.

Maybe I’ll make some tonight…

24 03 2011

mmmm love thin crust!!

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