My, how I’ve missed you!

15 03 2011

Wow, Chloe really took a spill this weekend! I’m glad she’s okay!

I rode my bike a little this weekend too, while I was down in North Carolina visiting my cousin. However, I was only on my bike to pose for pictures:-) My cousin Tara will be posting the shots she took of me on her blog soon:-) I can’t wait to see them! I’ll be sure to let you know when they are up!

I got back to DC from my vacation on Saturday night, and on Sunday morning, I was running a race:-) Typical Steph. Before I left for vacation, I signed up for the St. Patty’s Day 8K. I knew it would be tough to race the first day back from vacation (and with Daylight Savings time!), but it’s a fun race, and I had made plans to meet up with a fellow blogger, Kim from Tri and Bake. After exchanging a few emails, this was the first time we met:-) Of course we found out that we had a lot in common:-) She bakes some pretty spectacular cakes, check them out!

After the race, I thought about going for a ride because it was such a beautiful day, but y’know I really just wanted to cook. A lot of people love taking vacations so they can dine out and NOT cook, which makes it THAT much harder to return to the kitchen. I, however, was itchin’ for my kitchen! Call me a nerd, but I missed cooking in my kitchen. So, that’s exactly what I did:-)

First, I attempted to make some of Jessica’s (How Sweet It Is) take on chocolate chewies (Recipe here), but my attempt was, uh… let’s just say it was unsuccessful. Sad trombone. The first batch turned out okay, but yikes, my last batch all stuck to the pan and ran together in to one flat blob. Fail.


my cookie sheet is thicker than the cookies.

One failure couldn’t stop me. I pressed on.

I was a little more successful with her Cilantro Lime White Bean Hummus, but mine wasn’t as photogenic as hers. I just couldn’t get that perfect smile. It was bashful for some reason;-)

Then I made some of Mama Pea’s super easy Barbeque Black Bean Pizza, but instead of making it on pita, I made it on Ashley’s 5- minute Naan. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to make this naan! It was a lot flatter and softer than the naan I made pizza with a few weeks ago, but was a perfect substitution for pita bread in this recipe. I also subbed in real mozzarella cheese. I refuse to eat non-dairy cheese.

Finally I made one recipe not from someone else’s blog to put on my blog:-)

Introducing: Steph’s Kale Salad with Ginger Miso Dressing:

Kale is a nutritional powerhouse, packing in a ton of Vitamins A, C, and K, just to name a few. Though I often cook it before eating, it also tastes good raw!

After washing the kale,  I picked the leaves off the stems and then cut it chiffonade (did I use that word properly?). Chiffonade is basically a cutting technique where the end result is long strips.

So, to make kale chiffonade, I stacked a few leaves on top of each other and rolled them up:

Then I sliced it into thin strips:


Topped my kale with red onions and avocado, then dressed it with some Ginger Miso dressing

love. this. dressing.

But it’s not exactly the healthiest:-/

Toss to coat and enjoy!

I was a cooking machine on Sunday. Now I have lots of food for the week:-)

Question of the day: What do you miss when you’re on vacation?



6 responses

15 03 2011
Tara Molles

I miss my Bruiser. Also, I suppose my own bed and pillow! Nothing like crawing into your own piece of comfort after a long getaway.

15 03 2011

I agree with that one! Though your couch was quite comfy, and it was nice to snuggle with your Bruiser, I missed my bed!

15 03 2011

oooh i love kale…. i;ve also made this but i had also put in hard boiled egg, spinach and parsley and toasted sesame seeds (you can also add anchovies if you like them) … and i make the dressing by taking a ripe avocado mashing it up and adding lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to it… so it’s more of a paste vs a dressing.. but it works well…

and kale chips… you just bake them for 10min w/ salt pepper and red pepper flakes on top… i’ve added them in mashed potatoes or as part of a salad…

16 03 2011

oh that sounds good!! I LOVE kale chips!! I eat them with just some garlic salt. Love the crunch!

16 03 2011
BIll Berry

I wanna try Kale chips? Sounds nom nom!!!

16 03 2011

They’re super easy to make! They’re starting to sell them at the grocery store now but they’re uber expensive!

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