Bouncing Back with Blueberry Muffins!

15 03 2011

Happy Hump Day!

This week is going soooo slooooowly for me (Chloe). I think that it is safe to say that my week is feeling a bit screwy because my normal training schedule has been put on the back burner…My reality this week is that while I really want to get back to my training schedule, I can’t because of my “big crash” on Sunday. I am still pretty stiff and sore, not to mention that I am waiting to get a new helmet (ordered today!) to replace the one that cracked when I fell…

I didn’t mention in my past few posts that prior to going skiing, Chris and I spent the weekend in Phoenix AZ for our friend’s wedding. It was beautiful….and I had NO complaints about the 85 degree weather…

I decided to enjoy the weekend in full by taking a few days off of training, which meant that with travel days to and from Phoenix and to and from Utah, I was taking an entire week off of training, with the exception of a few days of skiing. The vacation was a blast…

…and I was fine with taking a small hiatus from training. I even thought it would be a positive break! But I was ready to get back to my training routine when I returned to D.C. Once home, I was ready to get back on track. I swam Saturday morning, but felt pretty sluggish due to the fact that I hadn’t been in a pool for a week and a half. Sunday was supposed to be my big first day back outside on the bike…but a sandy road changed my plans.

I am not going to sit here and have a pity party, but I am also not going to pretend that it is not frustrating! Sometimes your mind wants to do what your body can’t and sometimes your body can’t do what your mind want’s it to do. Yeah…think about that for a second. You have all been there at some point I am sure. Injury is something that ALL athletes deal with, no matter what sport or ability level. Some of my fellow food and traithlon bloggers have done some great posts on the reality of injuries and how they have dealt with them….

Carrots n Cake…

The Hungry Runner Girl…

Healthy Tipping Point…

DC Rainmaker…

My reality is that I am extremely lucky that my fall was not that bad! My training schedule was thrown off, but in the long run, this longer than expected break won’t have an impact on my Triathlon season, and might even help my training! And hey…I may not be able to get back out on my bike and do flip turns in the pool yet, but I can still tear it up in the kitchen 🙂 And so I have.

Introducing….Feel Better in a Flash Blueberry Muffins!


Recipe to come soon!

Question of the Day: When you can’t workout (either because you are injured or for any other reason), how do you replace the time/make yourself feel better?!




One response

16 03 2011
paul YH

I take the dogs for a long walk in the woods and think Im lucky to be here, training will come and and I start to think about how Im going to get back. Like now Im having an issue with my knee so Im planning a spin tomorrow and an easy ride this weekend to let things heal

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