Vacation has arrived!

4 03 2011

First things first, I need to wish my parents a very happy anniversary! Tomorrow they are celebrating 35 years of marriage! How awesome is that!?! Here’s to another 35!!

Ten years ago, for my parent’s 25th anniversary, we went on a family vacation to Hawaii.


It was a FANTASTIC trip, and I was super excited that I got to benefit from their anniversary.:-)

Well, now its their 35th anniversary, I’m taking a little trip of my own to celebrate.  Though it would have been great to go on a family vacation, we couldn’t coordinate our schedules (y’know, being a working girl and all). Sad face.

So, here I am:


Yup, I flew into Grand Cayman yesterday! A college teammate and good friend lives down here with her husband, and has graciously allowed me to stay with them for a few days! I was checking things off of my checklist for this vacay!

My flight left DC SUPER early Thursday morning. I had to wake up at 3:15AM. Yes, that says AM. I finished all my packing at around 11:30, so I really didn’t get much time to sleep. But, sleep is really important to me, so I got what I could so I could safely drive myself to the airport! I could sleep more on the plane anyhow.

The reason I had to leave so early was because I booked my ticket through Priceline. I got a FANTASTIC deal, but it meant a really early flight and 4.5 hour layover.  Hey, I’ll take that for the amount of money I saved!

Anyhow, I had a layover in Miami, and all I really wanted was a quasi healthy breakfast (since, despite waking up 5 hours prior, I hadn’t eaten yet; I had slept instead). I always find it so hard to eat right while I’m traveling. There are so many fast food places, or food carts with treats, or  easy grab-n-go snacks all over airports that make it very convenient to just eat anything at any time…or if you’re like me, eat the really overpriced meal disguised as being a local specialty just because you are somewhere new. And then being severely disappointed because, alas it still is airport food. 😦

So, here’s a few tips on ways to be a little healthier while traveling from my own experience:

1) Bring an empty water bottle. If you don’t mind drinking from a water fountain, fill it up as soon as you get through security. Often, when you think you’re hungry, you might just be dehydrated. If you don’t want to drink from the fountain, buy a water instead.

2) Bring your own healthy snacks. Why pay as much as you would for a whole box of granola bars to get just one? And, healthy snacks are so hard to find (or maybe I’m not looking in the right places?). I find baggies of nuts and dried fruit travel well. If you’ll need something more substantial, sandwiches (PB&J for example) is a great travel treat! I also bring fresh fruit too, and keep it in a carry on where I can make sure it doesn’t get squished.

3) Go with food choices you know. Though that deep fried empanada looked delicious, it was sitting under the heating lamp when I arrived at the airport, and it was still sitting there, 4.5 hours later, before my next flight took off. So, I opted for Starbucks, where I knew I could get my morning oatmeal fix:

Oatmeal topped with banana (brought from home), trail mix (brought from home), and Justin’s Peanut Butter (also, brought from home) and a Caramel Macchiato. Excellent way to enjoy my morning.

Ok, so you’re probably ready for some Cayman pics, right? Well…

Unfortunately, it was POURING when I arrived.

So I didn’t really get to take many pictures at all. But, I promise, I will be shooting lots this weekend! I did manage to get this one from my friend’s house after the clouds cleared a little. This is the view from their living room:

Last night also happened to be my friend’s book club meeting, and I was invited to join. They didn’t exactly have a book they were discussing, but rather they were sharing books they had read and thought others may enjoy. I thought this was a great idea, and now I have some more books I want to add to my reading list! And of course there was food, wine and socializing! Her friends were so friendly and very welcoming; I’m glad I was able to meet them!

The food we had was very tasty! We had some veggies and hummus, cream-cheese pimento dip, spinach-artichoke dip, and some naan pizzas with grilled veggies and balsamic drizzle. They were outstanding!

zucchini, squash, red pepper

this was devoured.

All in all, a good first day on the island.

What does today have in store you ask? Well, I’ll probably start with a run on the beach, or maybe a swim in the Caribbean Sea or maybe I’ll just lay in the sun and read;-) I think that will be my toughest decision I’ll have to make today. Rough, eh?

Have a fantastic weekend friends! Catcha next week!

Question of the day: How do you stay healthy when you’re traveling?