Sunday Funday

14 02 2011

Welcome to 321 delish! Thanks for stopping by!  We are so thrilled to be up and running! We hope you like this new, unique addition to the blog world! (We know that we just wrote 4 exclamation points…we are just really excited to be here!!!!)

Now on to the good stuff….

Our Sunday has been pretty typical- a long training session and some quality time in the kitchen. We started off the day running a 1/2 marathon that had a special purpose. We refueled with a filling brunch at a local hot spot, Busboys and Poets. Check out our next post for Chloe’s recap of both the run and the amazing brunch.

We decided to write our first post about our “1 delicious obsession”: food. We knew that we wanted to bake cookies and spent some time trying to decide what recipe we wanted to share with you. But let’s be honest, we both knew the whole time exactly what we wanted…back of the bag plain jane chocolate chip cookies. They always hit the spot.

To balance our cookie gorge, we Chloe started with an appetizer of carrots and TJ’s Triple Layer Hummus.

As you will quickly learn, she goes into fruit/veggie withdrawal if she doesn’t eat them throughout the day. At one point while baking, Steph turned around to find Chloe putting cookie dough on an apple…

Ok- back to the cookies. Both Nestle Toll house chocolate chunks and Ghiradelli baking chips were on sale. We were torn for about 10 seconds, then we decided to go for both. These cookies would be doubly delicious.

The recipes were basically the same, so we eenie-meenie-minie-moed it. Ghiradelli won this game. We followed the recipe as it was written on the back of the bag, and as we expected- yummy dough and cookies.

We both agree- it’s been a pretty great Sunday. Chloe is thinking take-out and the Duke basketball game sound like a pretty nice way to end the weekend. Steph is off to cook a real meal with veggies (she feels bad about not eating veggies and an apple while baking).

See you soon!